Material Innovation: Packaging Design

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Explores new and innovative materials designed to change the way consumers experience product packaging

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  • Material Innovation: Packaging Design
The third in a series of ten volumes exploring the constantly evolving frontiers of design, Material Innovation: Packaging Design presents products whose packaging reaches new heights of innovation. The range is diverse and international, from “plantable” packaging that can be buried in dirt after consumer use, later to emerge as a plant to alcohol bottles with labels that react to music, and bespoke, collectible jars of Marmite XO. Material Innovation: Packaging Design explores not only the latest advances in consumer product packaging but also how such advances could fail or flourish within the increasingly digital landscape of the twenty-first century. Case studies featured throughout the book profile the innovative use of materials by a particular practitioner, practice, or company, offering specific and elegant solutions. Clearly structured and illustrated throughout, this book will connect reader (whether student or professional) to material. 350+ illustrations
ISBN 9780500291979
Τιμή 25,00 €
Συγγραφέας Andrew H. Dent, Leslie Sherr
Εκδότης Thames & Hudson
Αριθμός Σελίδων 208
χρονολογία έκδοσης 2015

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