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Creatures of Greek Mythology


  • Paperback | 40 pages
  • 210.82 x 274.32 x 10.16mm | 226.8g
  • 19 Jul 2011

Did you know that Medusa was once a beautiful maiden priestess, who guarded the temple of Athena? And did you know that Pegasus was the child of the Gorgon, Medusa? Or that wherever Pegasus’ hooves struck the earth, a spring of inspiration would burst forth? These are just a few of the fun facts that you’ll find when you purchase The “Creatures of Greek Mythology,” a coloring book and brief glossary. Each of these legendary beasts are illustrated as a detailed image, complete with crosshatch detail to enhance your coloring experience. Along with the unique artwork, you will also find that each creature is presented with a bit of mythological information. Fun and Educational! Not only will you learn the visual characteristics of each creature, but you will also learn the correct pronunciation of their names and other interesting facts about them…and you can color them! This book includes coloring pages and info for the following creatures: Echidna, Typhon, Medusa, Harpy, Cerberus, Sphinx, Hippocampus, Griffin, Pegasus, Satyr, Centaur, Cyclops and the Hydra.


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