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Cycling Anatomy 2nd edition


From steep inclines to slick terrains, Cycling Anatomy, 2nd Edition makes sure you’re prepared for any challenge that comes your way. Using the same methods that elite cyclists use, you’ll use this well-rounded collection of 96 strength and flexibility exercises to maximise cycling power, speed and endurance to improve your own cycling performance. Each exercise includes step-by-step instruction and visually stunning anatomical illustrations to highlight muscles in use.
There are also dozens of variations using a wide range of fitness equipment. This allows you to modify exercises, targeting specific areas, reducing muscle tension and minimizing common cycling injuries.
The text features a Cycling Focus section for each exercise. This places you on the bike ready for competition and includes illustrations of the active muscles involved in cornering, climbing, descending and sprinting. Using tried-and-true strength training principles for all parts of the body Cycling Anatomy helps you develop a training plan based on your individual needs and goals. Whether you’re training for an upcoming century ride or just want to top that killer hill with the strength to spare, Cycling Anatomy helps you reach top performance, avoid injury and ensure you get the most out of every ride.


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