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Darwin Devolves


Format Paperback | 352 pages
Dimensions 134.87 x 203.2 x 20.07mm | 294.84g
Publication date 20 Jan 2020

The scientist who has been dubbed the «Father of Intelligent Design» and author of the groundbreaking book Darwin’s Black Box contends that recent scientific discoveries further disprove Darwinism and strengthen the case for an intelligent creator. In his controversial bestseller Darwin’s Black Box, biochemist Michael Behe challenged Darwin’s theory of evolution, arguing that science itself has proven that intelligent design is a better explanation for the origin of life. In Darwin Devolves, Behe advances his argument, presenting new research that offers a startling reconsideration of how Darwin’s mechanism works, weakening the theory’s validity even more. ….

Κατόπιν προπληρωμένης παραγγελίας με εκτιμώμενο χρόνο παράδοσης τις 15 – 20 ημέρες από την ημερομηνία έκδοσης.

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