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Exclusive Architecture & Innovative Design


..The contemporary home has far exceeded the challenges that were already posed at the beginning of last century. In an optimal and rational way, architecture has succeeded in solving all the technical, functional and economic challenges associated with housing design, while at the same time meeting the daily living needs of modern man.

But happiness does not only come by way of the functional, nor solely from serving its inhabitants. Inevitably, beauty and design have ceased to be an obstacle in architecture. If a house is to bring happiness, it needs to be beautiful. Beauty is non-negotiable, and architecture has succeeded. A home is a place in which to live but also a place of beauty and, therefore, a place that emanates happiness.

In this book you will find some of the most beautiful and spectacular homes of today. Beautiful and flamboyant in their original and innovative designs and in their solutions to myriad architectural challenges. But beautiful also because in each there is something fundamental: the measure of its design is always the measure of man.

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