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Gazing At My Feet


Gazing at my Feet is a portrait of Greece as seen through the eyes of a transplanted Greek-American. Joan Demakis has lived in Athens, Greece for fifty years and has seen, as she herself says, everything.
She describes the difficulties that she encountered and the loneliness and melancholy that she felt during her first years living in Athens, a long adjustment period. In the process of making those wrenching adjustments, however, she began to fall in love with her new adopted country.
Her memoir is an ode to Greece which she now calls “home” – to Greece’s stunning and breathtaking beauty, its history and its ancient and modern cultures, its language and religion, and to the warm and hospitable Greeks with their joie de vivre and sense of humor.
This is a must-read for everyone, but especially for anyone who is planning to go to Greece, to visit or to live.

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