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Getting Your First Job for Dummies


Find and land your first job!
Finding a job can seem daunting, especially when it’s a brand new experience. There’s a lot to know, and often a lot of pressure. Written by the founder of AfterCollege.com, Getting Your First Job For Dummies is designed to take the stress out of the job search process and help you get an offer.

In this book, you’ll discover how to identify your talents and strengths, use your network to your advantage, interview with confidence, and evaluate an offer. Written in plain English and packed with step-by-step instructions, it’ll have you writing customized resumes, conducting company research, and utilizing online job search sites, faster than you can say ‘I got the job!’

Determine what kind of job suits your interests and skills
Write a compelling cover letter
Know what to expect in an interview
Effectively negotiate an offer

Whether you’re still in school or navigating the world as a recent graduate, Getting Your First Job For Dummies arms you with the skills and confidence to make getting your first job an exciting and enjoyable process.

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