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Greece : Biography of a Modern Nation


Format Paperback | 496 pages
Dimensions 129 x 198mm
Publication date 05 Mar 2020

‘The best history of Greece around… Beautifully written and packed with insights about the culture and the people. I will be dipping into this book for the rest of my life’ Victoria Hislop

We think we know ancient Greece, the civilisation that shares the same name and gave us just about everything that defines ‘western’ culture today, in the arts, sciences, social sciences and politics. Yet, as Greece has been brought under repeated scrutiny during the financial crises that have convulsed the country since 2010, worldwide coverage has revealed just how poorly we grasp the modern nation. This book sets out to understand the modern Greeks on their own terms….

Κατόπιν προπληρωμένης παραγγελίας με εκτιμώμενο χρόνο παράδοσης τις 15 – 20 ημέρες από την ημερομηνία έκδοσης.

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