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Harlow In Hollywood : The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capital, 1928-1937


Scene 1: Harlean Carpenter comes to Hollywood.

Scene 2: Hollywood creates Jean Harlow.

Scene 3: Her legend lives forever.

At last, the story of how Hollywood shaped a myth and determined a young woman’s reality. A town, a remarkable town, became the backdrop for one of Hollywood’s most incredible stories, a life rife with glamour, pleasure, power, and–in the end–utter sorrow. Her story lives in the pages and breathtaking pictures of Harlow in Hollywood. When Jean Harlow became the Blonde Bombshell, it was all Hollywood’s doing. She was the first big-screen sex symbol, the Platinum Blonde, the mold for every famous fair-haired superstar who would emulate her.


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