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Know Your Onions Web Design


Jet propel yourself into the driving seat of a top class web designer. This book sets out the principles and practices of web design. It will help you understand what underpins web structure, design conventions and best practice. It touches on almost every subject and gives you a complete overview and understanding to deliver outstanding web design, leaving you to discover the areas you would like to specialise in and go on to build on these firm foundations. This book is design focused, you will not find one line of code. It takes you through creative thinking, questioning the brief, information architecture, navigation structures, front-end design, dealing with clients and best practice for file management. Unlike a typical ‘how to’ manual, the style is light, chatty and more like having a conversation with a bloke who knows his stuff. If you want to master great website design and build process, and understand what makes them work, then this book is for you. From the same author as Know Your Onions: Graphic Design and the forthcoming, What to put in your portfolio and get a job: Graphic Design.

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