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My Father Had This Luger … a True Story of Hitler’s Greece


World War II seen with a 21st-century sensibility. An enthralling, moving and true story of the Nazi occupation of Greece, it reads with the speed of a compelling novel as it sweeps you vividly through the war with unflagging narrative pace. It leaves you with a fresh understanding of the war and of the indomitability of the human spirit. It delivers suspense, endless surprises and twists, sharp characterizations, insights into human nature and the indestructibility of family ties, and a fascinating historical education along the way. Like Bryce Courtenay’s THE POWEROF ONE, this book uses a boy’s experiences as a way to embed the reader into incidents filled with thought-provoking moral nuance. The gripping story is packed with events from hilarious episodes, described with a child’s honesty, through poignant moments to profound terror. The descriptions of wartime menace are frightening but soldiers of all sides, as well as civilians caught up in the drama of the war, are drawn with humanity and compassion.


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