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Χρονολογία Έκδοσης Μάιος 2019
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Ι am writing this note as a foreword (though none is really necessary) to a lovely book about Nymphaio. It is unnecessary, because I have nothing to add to the story of Nymphaio and to the history of the Vlachs. That history is covered more than adequately in the pages that follow. Nor can my words improve on the beauty of the region, so wonderfully portrayed by the photographs that grace this volume.
I am writing because I have great respect and sympathy for the Vlachs of Greece, because I am fond of Nymphaio, and because for long years I have been friends with Nikos Mertzos, the worthy President of the historic Commune of Nymphaion, to whom the present-day Nymphaio owes so much.
From days of old the Vlachs have done great things for Greece. This is so well known that I need not even mention, for example, the names of Vlachs who have been Great Benefactors of the Nation. Today the Vlachs are doing still more by being part of the synthesis of Greek society. Most of them are no longer shepherds living in their renowned villages but have become townsfolk in Greek cities, rapidly distinguishing themselves in learning, commerce and other fields….

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