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Reading Between the Lines


  • Paperback | 336 pages
  • 130 x 198 x 26mm | 241g
  • 13 Jun 2019

Handwriting is something of a dying art nowadays, as we tap messages to each other day after day. But handwriting analysis can divulge everything from a person’s timidity to their ambition, from their desire to please to their need to control. In fact, so revealing is your writing that in Japan all CVs are still written by hand.

Our handwriting exposes how we interact with the world and the people around us, and also how we cope with stress and express emotions. It can help us make choices for our future, showing us what our desires are, and even what jobs and partners may suit us best.

Using real-life examples, including celebrity samples, you will be challenged to put your new-found knowledge to the test. By the end of the book you will have amassed a wealth of knowledge that will help you understand human nature – including your own – in all its colours.


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