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Sandra loves


Sandra Loves “The Four Seasons in Greek Cooking” is a delectable curation of more than 150 recipes by home cook and hostess, Sandra Choremi.
Highlighting the fresh offerings of each of the four seasons, Sandra Loves is infused with cooking and organisational tips, personal stories that animate and bring each recipe to life and evocative images which capture the beauty and authenticity of their inspirations. Sandra Loves reveals a genuine taste of the natural Mediterranean, masterfully blended through Sandra’s Greek heritage and the international influences of her cosmopolitan upbringing and lifestyle.

Sandra Loves is an inspirational diary of hospitality, a celebrator of both traditions and innovations, a feast for the eyes and the taste buds and a credit to all of the people whose love of cooking–and eating–were “marinated” for the creation of this tome.

As they say in Greece before every great feast, “Eίς Υγείαν-To health!


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