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  • Paperback | 128 pages
  • 220 x 280 x 10mm | 482g
  • 01 Nov 2017
  • 200 colour photographs

Screenprinting is loved by artists and designers for its accessibility and for the seemingly endless possibilities that come naturally to a process that can combine vibrant colour and layering with pattern and image making. This book is not only aimed at the beginner, but also at more experienced printers who would like to brush up on their technique or bring themselves up to date. It is divided into chapters that cover a wealth of different screenprinting methods, from simple ones that can be achieved on a table top at home with minimum equipment, to those that require a professional studio or workshop set-up. Topics covered include using paper stencils and filler stencils; monoprinting through the screen; making positives for photo exposure by hand or by using the computer; making high-contrast positives and posterizations and there are special sections on us

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