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Smashing Grammar


Have you ever sent an email and then realised you’ve used the wrong kind of your? Do you hope for the best when writing loose or lose? Are semicolons a mystery to you?
Armed with Smashing Grammar, you will be able to boost your confidence, sharpen your writing skills and refine your vocabulary without breaking a sweat.
Easy to navigate and packed with real-life examples, this helpful and friendly guide includes a comprehensive checklist of common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid, from knowing when to use a possessive apostrophe correctly to mastering there and their.
Smashing Grammar also features an A-Z guide of grammar essentials to help bring your writing up to scratch. Each entry includes a variety of examples to illustrate the grammar rules, as well as reasons why you should care and key points to summarise. With Craig’s clear-cut advice, you will struggle to find yourself getting caught out by grammar again.

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