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The Kremlin’s Candidate


From the “masterful storyteller” (Vince Flynn) of the New York Times bestselling Red Sparrow trilogy comes this thrilling finale, in which the CIA’s Nate Nash and a Russian agent are caught up in a harrowing scandal involving Russia’s blackmail against the newly elected US President. In Washington, a newly installed administration is selecting its Cabinet members and Russian counterintelligence chief Colonel Dominika Egorova hears a whisper of a Kremlin operation to place a mole inside a high intelligence position. But it’s worse than that: one of the three candidates under consideration has been a paid Russian spy for a decade, selling precious United States secrets. If the Kremlin’s candidate for the position is confirmed, the Russians will have access to all the names of assets spying for the CIA in Moscow, including Dominika’s. But which of the three individuals is the mole? Dominika’s report triggers a desperate hunt before she’s exposed and arrested. Resisting all suggestions to defect and save herself, Dominika recklessly immerses herself in the palace intrigues of the Kremlin, searching for the mole’s name, and stealing as many of President Putin’s secrets for her CIA handlers before her time runs out–even as Putin’s dangerous interest in her grows. The treasure trove of her intelligence reporting sends Nate Nash and colleagues on desperate missions to Sevastopol, Istanbul, Khartoum, and Hong Kong. With a plot ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, The Kremlin’s Candidate is a riveting read and a thrilling conclusion to the trilogy begun with Red Sparrow and Palace of Treason.

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