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The Story of Life in 10 1/2 Species


Format Hardback | 256 pages
Dimensions 173 x 234 x 23mm | 930g
Publication date 20 Oct 2020

Souvenirs of the planet: Ten (and a half) life forms, each of which explains a key aspect of life on Earth.

If an alien visitor were to collect ten souvenir life forms to represent life on earth, which would they be? This is the thought-provoking premise of Marianne Taylor’s The Story of Life in 10 and a Half Species. Each life forms explains a key aspect about life on Earth. From the sponge that seems to be a plant but is really an animal to the almost extinct soft-shelled turtle deemed extremely unique and therefore extremely precious, these examples reveal how life itself is arranged across time and space, and how humanity increasingly dominates that vision…

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