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Thetahealing Diseases And Disorders


  • Paperback | 426 pages
  • 151 x 230 x 35mm | 602g
  • 26 Apr 2012

This definitive guide to releasing disease from an intuitive perspective is the companion to the books ThetaHealing(R) and Advanced ThetaHealing(R), which introduced this amazing technique and its powerful applications to a global audience. The perfect reference tool for those already familiar with the step-by-step processes of ThetaHealing, this comprehensive work contains all of the programs, belief systems, intuitive insights, remedies, and supplements that Vianna Stibal has found to be of value for treating certain diseases and disorders, based on more than 47,000 sessions with clients. Alphabetised for quick reference, this book addresses an extensive and varied list of ailments and points the way to a revolutionary path of healing. With growing scientific evidence that toxic emotions can contribute to disease; and increased awareness that emotions, feelings, and the power of thought have a direct bearing upon one’s physical health, more and more people are now realising that changing how their minds influence their bodies can be of huge value in creating optimal health. This book represents a valuable contribution to the new paradigm that is emerging in the world of healing!


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