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Will You Be Alive 10 Years from Now?


A collection of stimulating probability puzzles from best-selling math writer Paul Nahin
What are the chances of a game-show contestant finding a chicken in a box? Is the Hanukkah dreidel a fair game? Will you be alive ten years from now? These are some of the one-of-a-kind probability puzzles that popular math writer Paul Nahin offers in this lively and informative book. Nahin brings probability to life with colorful historical anecdotes and a unique puzzle-solving approach that illustrates many of the techniques mathematicians use to grapple with probability. He looks at classic puzzles-from Galileo’s dice-tossing problem to a disarming dice puzzle that would have astonished even Newton-and presents a dozen challenge problems and twenty-five probability puzzlers. With wit and insight, Nahin demonstrates why seemingly simple probability problems can stump even the experts.


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