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Windswept House


Dimensions 153 x 229 x 35mm | 752g
Publication date 01 Aug 1998

The Cold War has ended. The Soviet Empire has imploded. With a scope and daring not possible until now, an unlikely international alliance of top-level political, financial, and religious interests sees the way clear at last to its ultimate goal: the establishment of a single global society. Utopia. With nothing in common but immense power and a towering ambition for still more – with world unity and prosperity as their slogan; with betrayal, scandal, and murder as their ready weapons – these men have the means and the will to capture as their own the perfect global machinery for their plans: the oldest, wiliest, and most stable political chancery in the world. The Vatican. At the vortex of this lethal struggle already engulfing the society of nations stand the embattled Pope, a geopolitical genius whose elimination is the short-term solution to a long-term goal; and two American brothers, Paul and Christian Gladstone, one a lawyer and the other a priest, who appear to be the perfect pawns. One falls prey to the sharp teeth of greed for power. ..

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