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Wind of God and Flower Spirits


it is so weird that all the flowers and plants in the garden turn into spirits! Chui Xuanwei who is obsessed with gardening happens to experience this. One night, the spirits of flowers visit him and entrust him to help handle with the God of Wind who has an eccentric character. Otherwise, there must be a serious incident! Originated from the Legend of Tang Dynasty, the book is painted by Wu Sheng, the winner of Special Prize in Brno International Painting and Designing Art Biennale Exhibition and the Copper Prize of National Art Exhibition, with traditional freehand figure painting style to create classical and marvelous atmosphere, and is composed by Gong Fangfang, the winner of Bingxin Children Literature Award and Shanghai Infants Literature Prize, with vivid language and interesting plots to constitute a fantastic dreamland.oks short description.

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